Shannon Goines

I first met Shannon Goines during a canning workshop at the indie-pendent in Atlanta. She contacted me soon thereafter with links to her artwork. As I'm an animal lover at heart, I was quickly smitten by her subjects and style. 

If James Lipton were to ask me, "What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?" I may very well say painter. As an introvert at heart, I love the solitude of it and the idea of a room full of paints, the ability to get messy and sit amongst big, open windows. Sounds blissful to me, which may be why I liked the opportunity to immerse myself in Shannon's world- if only for a few moments. 

Shannon is a commissioned artist that specializes in expressive animal portraits. As her mom and dad are from south and north Georgia respectively, she has a lot of fond memories of farm animals from her childhood and you'll see them appear in many of her works. Shannon works from photographs to get inspired and have a jumping off point, as she's doing here with three antelopes in the wild...

Shannon doesn't paint without music playing in the background. It helps her get into a zone and find the inspiration she needs for each piece. She loves to paint animals. As she shared, "It allows me to be more loose, more fun, put more color in places I normally wouldn't." 

My personal favorite are the cows. And the above right painting, Moo has proven the most popular for Shannon. 

I've had dogs all my life but have never thought of getting a painting to remember them by. These are quite sweet, don't you think? 

Her current works include these cute farm creatures- Batesville Donkey, Harlequin Sheep and Color Blind. This goat she found in a pasture in North Georgia. She took a picture and then was quickly inspired to paint his likeness.  

If you'd like a Shannon Goines painting, you can choose a work off her site or email her photos of the animals you love. Prices range from $100-$1200 for most commissions. Thank you for your time Shannon...and for sharing a bit of your bliss. 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach