Methane Studios

Manly art is needed for manly spaces. Film and football posters work well enough for college, but then, one must move on in life. I like the work being done over at Methane Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Mark McDevitt and Robert Lee created Methane Studios in 1998. They started their company by designing band posters but have since enhanced their offerings to include artistic prints that cater to the everyday dude. 

There are so many great band posters out there but I really like the vision of Mark and Robert. Many of the prints have a fantastic, vintage feel. In their Etsy shop, you'll find a slew of Dave Matthews prints, as they were commissioned to design posters for the band back in 2005, and still continue to do so.

As they state on their site, "Our goal was always to tell a story, convey a message, and to make someone stop and think a little with our designs." Peruse their catalog of artwork here. With the average print price at $20, that manly room upgrade doesn't have to break the bank...