B. Inspired: What oh What Shall I Repurpose?

The one thing I really miss about being Bryce's neighbor is the many trips we would take to go find stuff. When I was visiting him over the holidays in Hermosa Beach, we got to take one of those trips. This time, it was to a beach house about to be torn down. The owner told Bryce to go in and take whatever he wanted. So, what oh what shall he repurpose? 

One of his first finds was just this basic drawer. He realized quickly that it could make a great shelf. Funny enough, when we checked out the back bathroom, we found these glass slats in the window and wondered if they'd fit the drawer. In typical Bryce fashion, they fit perfectly...

The drawer was in good shape so while I conditioned it with Feed-N-Wax, Bryce cut a piece of scrap wood he had on hand to hold the shelf up. (These were loosely secured so you can take the shelf out if desired) 

And voila, it was that easy.

Not only is this a low cost option for a shelf, it has a charming tale to tell. I think you need to have at least one item in each room that tells a story. Thanks for the inspiration Bryce. Hope you're inspired too...


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach