Modern 50, Tables and Desks

If you like to pass time perusing furniture sites, then you need to bookmark Modern 50. They curate and assemble incredible furnishings for both retail and the tv/film industry. This incredible mercantile desk is circa the 1890's, made of oak and built to last. The wear and tear over the last century shows...and that's a good thing. 

I was going to showcase a cross section of their wares but I couldn't get past the first category on their list, Tables and Desks. They're all such amazing pieces ranging in age, origin, condition and purpose. If you have a specific vintage piece in mind, chances are they have it...or can find it. 

Based in Paint Branch, Maryland, the creatives behind Modern 50 have a knack for finding amazing pieces, all with an industrial, salvaged or mid century feel. 

If I had to make a speech, I'd prefer to make it behind this 1930's vintage podium table. And I would very much like someone to buy me this Greenwich Slate Industrial Bar Cart. It's from the 1930's and the worn green patina on the salvaged steel frame is a bit dreamy, don't you think? 

This drafting table is an early American design from the 1920's. In wonderful condition, it would be so great in an artist's studio. It has a story to tell, and artists like stories...

As my mother could attest, I'm always drawn to the most expensive item in a room, and this gorgeous Danish rosewood and black vinyl dining set is evidence of that character flaw of mine. At $14,500, this dining set is certainly a stunning centerpiece. Made in the 1950's, the table is by Neils Vodder and the ladder back chairs by Neils Kofoed and JL Moller. Furniture sites are fun to peruse, until you get depressed by them. Sigh...

See all of Modern 50's beautifully curated or created finds here. 


Photos: Modern 50     Content: Sweet Peach