A Mini Villa in Charleston

About a month ago, I bookmarked an article in the NY Times and I've finally gotten around to reading it. It's worth sharing as it entails a small villa in the charming Southern city of Charleston, South Carolina. Owner of the property, Reid Burgess, has always dreamed of Palladial architecture, which takes its cues from the classic temple architecture of ancient Greeks and Romans. 

At just 870 square feet, Reid refers to his two story home as "The Smallest Palladian Villa in the World." He smartly acquired the help of local Charleston designer, George Holt, whose expertise lies in restoring old homes and building new ones with a medieval aesthetic. 

The home was completed in June at a cost of $200,000. Reid found smart and creative ways to save money, including this fireplace, studded with bricks that were found when digging up the property during construction. 

I love a vintage fan, and apparently so does Reid. He found these two while on tour with his bluegrass band, King Wilkie. 

I like how they built doors (which blend into the walls) to hide the kitchen and appliances when desired. As Reid shared, "The tiny kitchen is more like one big cupboard." 

A lover of bluegrass music, Reid likes the pull of history, of story, of tradition. When his home was finally completed after years of day dreaming about it, he refelected, "I was trying to find something real. I was trying to find a connection to the past." 

Made with solid masonry, this is a home built to last. A mini villa in Charleston... a good dream come true. 

Read the entire NY Times article here.  


Photos: Tony Cenicola, NY Times    Content: Sweet Peach