Blue Claw Co.

The more I write about great men's products, the more I realize that those made with a classic, timeless design and built to last are the ones that resonate, the ones that endure. Founders of Blue Claw Co. in Maryland, Adam Blitzer and Alex Realmuto have embraced that concept and then some...

Alex and Adam make handsome luggage pieces for men that are as practical as they are stylish. Adam shares the company's mantra, "Make the best bags in the world and offer legendary customer service to our clients." Each bag goes through a rigorous test period where they are brought on planes and taken on various trips in order to access their ease of travel. If there is any wear and tear or design flaws, they make the adjustments needed. 

All of their products are handmade and assembled in the US. They offer two collections; Urban and Classic. The above is a briefcase from their Urban collection that I particularly love. For those men who work on the go, this is a great option as it's made of full grain leather and weather resistant waxed canvas. 

It's fun to peruse all their luggage options which include the weekend bag, the messenger bag and the overnight bag, all available in a multitude of colors. 

The Worton Weekender is an incredible gift for the traveling man. The largest tote made by Blue Claw, this bag, as stated on their site, "is purposefully engineered to maximize the amount of space inside the bag yet still fits in a regional jet's overhead bin." Made of full grain leather, ballistic nylon and a waterproof liner, it's a beauty meant to last. 

Most guys I know could use an upgrade to their Dopp kit and this one is a safe bet for great style and practicality. Made with waxed canvas and full grain leather, the De Gaulle Dopp has been designed to hold its shape as well as transport travel sized items and full sized ones. 

I love a guy who sports a stylish iPad or laptop and there are so many great cases to choose from these days. This one, however, catches my eye for its unique style and manly appeal. Made to fit all three iPad models, this case is made of weather resistant exterior canvas. As stated on their site, "This canvas will age over time, giving it a patina and making each item one of a kind." Timeless and classic, just like the manly man likes it...


Photos: Kellen Groves  Blue Claw Co    Content: Sweet Peach