I Love My City

I have a strange love of city prints. Perhaps that's why this is not my first blog post about the subject, and certainly not my last. Rebecca Peragrine has created a wonderful My Roots Collection, which allows adults and kids to celebrate where they come from or where they grew up. She includes heart stickers that you can place anywhere on the print. There are large national and international versions as well...

Rebecca offers prints for all 50 states in various color combinations. She creates each one with New Leaf recycled card stock and soy ink, packaging all her art with biodegradable materials. 

Another artist that caught my eye this week is Amy Nelson, who offers 71 versions of her city and state art. She adds heart icons for the cities featured. 

Amy will customize size and color, which can work well when figuring out how to decorate a new wall or room. Simplicity at its best...


Photos: Rebecca Peragrine;  Amy Nelson Content: Sweet Peach 


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