Deona Fish

I first saw the work of Deona Fish at my friend Tiffany's house in Asheville a few years back. The painting she had in her living room was colorful, playful, beautiful...and it drew me in. I wanted to know more about this artist.

I soon discovered that Deona lives and works in a cozy cabin in Leicester, North Carolina. Once a preschool and kindergarten teacher, she is drawn to the imagination, to whimsy and delight. 

You'll notice quickly that Deona has a thriving romantic side with a true love for the natural world.

What's great about Deona's paintings are the distressed frames you'll often find them in, which can include old windows or doors which she collects at rummage sales around the South. 

It's easy to get lost in the story of each painting. As Deona shared, "My work has always been a way to pass the time or daydream."

Her bats are my favorite and they pop up, feet up, in many of her works. 

Deona's paintings can be seen in galleries from Nashville to Charlotte, and if you're lucky, you may stumble upon her booth at an art fair. It's the kind of booth you'll want to meander in a while as it feels good to let your imagination run wild again... to remember, the simple things in life are still the sweetest.