Roll and Tumble Press

Christie and Caleb of Little Rock, Arkansas are true artists at heart. With a shared love for design, music, antiquing and letterpress, they have combined their talents into their lovely print shop, Roll and Tumble Press. 

I think my favorite works of theirs are these wonderful big, bold letters. As they share, "These letterpress prints have been printed using large, rare and very old wood type that was used to print vintage circus posters in the 1940's and 50's." I really like how they display them with simple pieces of masking tape. It works. 

The great thing too is these letters are printed on thick paper which is sturdy enough to lean against the wall...or not, your choice. Find the fun and quirky Kissing Booth print here. 

Christie and Caleb's work exudes an obvious passion for their craft. As they share, "We print using traditional letterpress methods, all hand set type and wood blocks from our own illustrations. Each print is hand cranked, one at a time through vintage presses." 

Peruse their shop today if you have a little time. They have dozens of vintage inspired prints to choose from...


Photos: Roll and Tumble   Content: Sweet Peach