Becca Stadtlander

While perusing Etsy last week I was intrigued by one of their featured sellers, Becca Stadtlander of Covington, Kentucky. Becca paints images inspired by mother nature and everyday life. She drew me I wanted to share. 

As Becca shared, "My favorite paintings start out as images that zoom into my head out of nowhere. It's usually always something simple- like an object or an animal- and I know I just need to paint it and get it out of my head." 

Because of the success of her Etsy shop, Becca can paint from home full time. Which is why her work studio needs to be comfortable, safe and full of good energy to be open and creative. I like seeing her cozy and charming workspace. I bet it's even better when it rains...

Becca offers reproductions of her paintings in both print and card form. 

A bouquet of strawberries would be oh so fun... Becca's work has a sense of happy comfort, don't you think? See all of her lovely illustrations here.


Illustrations: Becca Stadtlander   Content: Sweet Peach