The Southern Barn Party

If I had a barn, one thing for sure is I'd have lots of barn parties. The charming, rustic backdrop speaks for itself and with so many different themes you could play upon, it offers endless fun for those with an over active imagination.

I love the idea of a summer daytime party with lots of bright colors, tablecloths, hay bales, fresh flowers and cold cocktails in mason jars... Keep it simple and it's a formula you can't really mess up. 

For this barn party, they made jams in mason jars for takeaway gifts. Now if that doesn't make a guest happy, I'm not sure what will.

Cold drinks are essential at a Southern barn party. How pretty to have complementary straws with your cocktail of choice....

How quaint and perfectly inviting is this? I love the bar made of old wooden pallets.

Whether it's quaint or elaborate, I think a barn party is an amazing idea. Now, if only I owned a barn... Anyone have some good barn party tips? If so, feel free to leave a comment. And have a wonderful weekend!  


Photos:; Country Living; Apartment Therapy; Martha Stewart;; Garden & Gun;;;    Content: Sweet Peach