B. Inspired: More Before & Afters

My buddy Bryce is just so fabulous. I so miss being his neighbor and seeing what he'll whip up into existence next, usually within the hour. This time it's a few wood pieces that he scavenged and transformed...

Bryce found this fantastic credenza and side table at an old junkyard and immediately took them back to the alley behind his shop. He first sanded them, then primed the pieces with white Kilz paint. He added Swiss Coffee White paint and a yellow paint he had on hand. Next, Bryce distressed both pieces with 100 grade sandpaper. He finished the whole thing off with a water based, clear polyurethane. 

And it was such a good transformation, the pieces made the front window of his lovely beach side shop, Curious. 

Bryce was lucky enough to also find at that same junkyard a bunch of dark colored scrap wood with the same thickness. He wanted to make a table with the collected wood so decided on a tabletop 30" x 60". He first cut a piece of 1/2" plywood that size. Then, like a puzzle, he assembled the different pieces of scrap wood together atop the plywood, cutting the scrap wood where needed to fit the final dimensions.  

Bryce mixed up the direction of the grain, turning some pieces sideways. As he shared, "When your piece is reclaimed, it can be unique. It adds character when the wood doesn't match or the grains don't line up." After all the pieces were set, he used wood glue and screws (from the bottom) to secure the table top in place. 

He bought metal sawhorse legs for the base for a total of $80 at a local shop. You can find these easily at Home Depot or Lowes. 

To complete the look, Bryce painted the legs black and sanded the edges a bit. Lastly, he put a clear coat on it. Voila! 


Photos: Bryce Toney    Content: Sweet Peach