Manly Trend: Beads

I love a manly trend and this one is more fun that most. Beads. We're starting to see men don beads either as necklaces or bracelets and I have to admit, I'm a fan. 

Many of the beads we're seeing are African beads and the great thing is they come in a variety of colors and sizes and can be doubled up or worn as is. Let each man dictate his own style...

Black or gray will always lend a manly vibe to any accessory and I love how this guy turned a necklace into a bracelet, draping it over his more modern watch. 

Sid Mashburn in Atlanta offers a variety of beads that he and his wife resource from a friend in Ghana. 

Sid's African beads range in price from $15-$40 and can all be found here. I hope to see more of this manly's good to see the boys experiment a little. 


Photos:;; GQ, mensclothing.blogspot;; GQ; Sid Mashburn   Content: Sweet Peach