The Pocket Square

I'm a fan of the Southern gentleman, therefore I'm a fan of the pocket square. I've been seeing some great designs pop up in pockets around Georgia so I wanted to write a quick how-to guide with some links to stylish pocket squares for the summer. 

Now there are some basic rules to the pocket square. The first of which is never to be too matchy. You'll want to find an accent color, using a secondary tone from your outfit and the pattern should have a distinctive contrast to the suit. As stated by author William Briggs, "The more the colors and pattern of the jacket and pocket square are different, the more the patterns on both can match." Mix up patterns but be smart- polka dots and stripes don't do so well together.   

You also shouldn't try too hard as the pocket square should never look too perfect. These gorgeous plaid and gingham patterns are perfect for summer. You can find them through Alton Lane and Sid Mashburn.

All these looks are beautifully done. As you can see the colors of the pocket square complement secondary colors in the outfit and the contrasting pattern helps break up the mass of fabric of the suit. These pocket squares are pleasing to the eye without being overbearing. 

Billy Reid offers some fabulous vintage pocket squares. I think every guy should have at least two or three of these beauties...

I like how folded the pocket square in these top two pics, (the Rolled Hem and the Poofy Poof) and then offered a great idea on the back pocket, pocket square. As no matter what, you don't want to be without a hanky once you get in the habit. It can always come in handy and what woman in need wouldn't adore a man that hands her one? I'm liking this... See more of their tutorial here.  


 Photos: GQ; Alton Lane; Sid Mashburn; GQ; Billy Reid;    Content: Sweet Peach