Raleigh Denim

Attention to detail is an important attribute to a true craftsman. Victor Lytvinenko and his wife, Sarah, have embraced this skill and a plethora of others in creating their high quality, handcrafted denim jeans. Raleigh Denim is the name of their company- one you may want to bookmark. 

The best part about Raleigh Denim is the materials are all locally sourced (within 200 miles) and the jeans are made in small batches. It's about getting back to the way things used to be made- utilizing local craftsmen with a keen attention to quality and detail. The denim is sourced from white oak selvage at North Carolina's Cone Denim.

All the design, cut and finishing work happens under one roof at their workshop in downtown Raleigh. Victor has even studied stitching techniques from the original American demin makers to make their jeans as authentic and durable as possible. As stated on their site, "From day one, every hem of every pair of Raleigh Denim jeans have been done on a Union Special 43200G from the 1920's." 

If you were to turn Raleigh Denim jeans inside out, you'd find an xray illustration of where your hips should be- plus Victor and Sarah's signature. 

After finding success in their denim jeans, Victor and Sarah are slowly expanding their wares, including these incredible plaid workshop ties.

And I wouldn't think I'd like a denim bag- until I saw this one that utilizes the highest quality horween leather.

I've never been to Raleigh but when I do, I think my first stop will be their Curatory, located in downtown. Click here to learn more about Raleigh Denim, a truly inspirational shop...


Photos: Raleigh Denim    Content: Sweet Peach