Alabama Chanin

I've been wanting to blog about the shop Alabama Chanin for quite some time. I keep thinking I'll make my way to Florence, Alabama to meet its founder, Natalie Chanin in person... but time keeps slipping away. So I wanted to at least show off my favorite item of hers before it's too late- the tea towel. 

You can tell just by the pictues how soft and perfect these are. Made from 100% organic cotton jersey, these limited edition tea towels come in soothing colors and simply pleasing designs. And since the company began in 2000, all the products are handcrafted by local artisans. As written by Jamie Stoll of W Magazine, "Hiring local quilters and sewers from her hometown of Florence, Alabama, Chanin was preaching the importance of slow, local design way before sustainability came into fashion." 

These are Southern products through and through. The cotton is grown in Texas, spun into thread in North Carolina, then knitted into fabric in South Carolina. When in the hands of the Alabama artisans, each piece is then hand cut, painted, embellished and constructed." It's all a labor of love to be sure...

If you get a moment, peruse the Alabama Chanin site and you'll see why I love it so... Chanin designs women's clothes as well as a variety of gorgeous products for your the site has an incredible DIY section any crafter would love. 


Photos: Alabama Chanin   Content: Sweet Peach