Yard Clippings

After finally delving into the world of landscaping, I want to redo my entire yard. My friend Wendy Binns has been my constant inspiration, for every time I visit her home, I find new vases with unique, freshly cut leaves that leave me wishing my home was more like her home. Above is her grouping of fresh herbs in vintage vases; rosemary, mint, parsley and thyme. I think I have plant envy.

I always love the idea of utilizing the non traditional vase. Whether it's a vintage bottle or an old, glass flask, there are so many inventive ways to showcase your stems. 

Wendy's advice is to "just walk in the yard, clip what catches your eye and then experiment." Various textures and contrast are important as well as realizing stems aren't meant to live in our vases only when they bloom. Many plants offer their prettiest silhouettes in their 'off' season. Featured from top are pieris, toad lily, and copper penny sedum, cut in mid May. 

As Wendy shares, "look for architectural shapes and various colors of foliage, blooms and scents." The silvery green leaves of artemisia powis castle, as featured in yesterday's post, is one of my favorites. And hosta leaves offer beautiful, bright green stems that strike quite the pose when allowed to shine by themselves...

I've been happy to smell lots of gardenia on my neighborhood walks lately. They grow in large bushes and make for easy, beautifully fragrant cuttings. From top left are a gardenia, hosta leaves and a trumpet vine. 

I think my new favorite plant is the painted fern. Purplish and green with the prettiest structure, the leaves are another wonder of mother nature. All you need is one in a small bedside vase to make you smile...

In every room of Wendy's home, new stems and blooms await. In her living room I found hydrangeas, gardenias and painted ferns. And every single one of these plants in today's post came just steps from her front door. I may have plant envy, but I'm also incredibly inspired. Pretty yard clippings is something we can all make happen with a little effort. (or a landscaper! Try Terrestrial if you live in Atlanta). I hope you're inspired too. Thanks for sharing Wendy! 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach