Wonder of Nature

I'll be leaving the country for the month of June to shoot a show for MTV. I'm happy to go ...but quite sad to miss this natural phenomenon I had no idea existed until a few weeks ago. It entails a rare species of fireflies that blink in unison during their mating season. It happens in only two places in the world- in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park of Tennessee and in Malaysia. 

These fireflies blink in sync for just two weeks in mid June, starting at dusk each night. As stated on the Glenstone Lodge site, "This species of firefly (Photinus Carolinas) has a special sensor inside their heads that lets them know when a nearby firefly has illuminated, in which they respond by flashing their own light as quickly as possible." About a 1000 people a night gather in the Tennessee park to watch the spectacle (just southeast of Knoxville) and man, I wish I could go. Next year, I'll be there...but I encourage you to make the trip- and please, tell me all about it! 


Photos:  insidegatlinburg.com;  Judd Patterson    Content: Sweet Peach