Suite One Studio

I've had Suite One Studio on my mind for a while so I'm excited to finally blog about it. Lindsay Emery of Greensboro, South Carolina is the artist behind these beautifully crafted tableware pieces- the kind of pieces where you'd like to say, "I'll take one of everything please." 

As Lindsay shares on her site, "All work is made by hand from start to finish without the use of molds, making each piece completely original." Find the salt & pepper porcelain bowls here and the half dipped aqua porcelain cups here. 

I love the soft lavender and gray color of these sturdy and rustic stoneware bowls. The interiors feature a soft glaze while the exteriors remain unglazed but are sanded to a smooth finish. 

Lindsay's piece are a play of various textures, color and contrasts. This look has become part of her signature- for every time I peruse Etsy, I know exactly when it's a Suite One Studio piece. Brand recognition is a good thing...

The Mulberry Porcelain serving bowl is too pretty, especially with that gorgeous tea towel beneath it. Perfectly complementary...


Photos: Suite One Studio    Content: Sweet Peach