Dirty Deeds Soaps

Justin May and Heather Rushing have found their calling in cleanliness. Through their company, Dirty Deeds Soaps, they've been able to follow their passion and work from home in Lubbock, Texas. Together they handcraft all manner of manly things, like this Men's Aftershave, made from vodka, witch hazel and rum. 

As a kid, I would always get up bright and early to spend time with my dad. Every morning he'd lather up before work with an old school shave soap and brush and we chatted about the day ahead. I loved this morning ritual and I wanted to grow up and be able to shave my face one day too... but you know, that wasn't gonna happen. See all of Dirty Deeds' shaving kits here.

Justin and Heather offer a variety of handcrafted soaps that can be used for a shave or the bath. My favorites include Pumpkin Ale, Black Leather, Hazelnut Cappuccino, Bergamot and Tarragon...and Vanilla Honey. 

They also offer a bevy of beer soaps using various high quality ales... from rich stouts to light lagers. The Green Beer Shave or Bath Soap sounds intriuging, handmade from fresh brew, clay and shea butter. 

Lip balm is an important accessory for both men and women. Dirty Deeds offers an assortment of scrumptious choices including Juicy Orange, Strawberry or Chocolate Truffle. Click to see all their lip balms... And here's to being fresh and clean this lovely Manly Monday. 


Photos: Dirty Deeds Soaps   Content: Sweet Peach