Myrtle Brown

The right lines and shapes are essential to great design. Perhaps that's why these wooden signs of iconic cars and trucks, simple and straightforward in their approach, are just such wonderful works of art. 

Stephanie and Evan Rowell of Matthews, North Carolina are the artists behind the Etsy shop, Myrtle Brown. As Stephanie explains, "We are all about clean, modern lines with vintage, classic silhouettes." The station wagon is Stephanie's favorite. As she shared, "Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a minivan mom but I'll take an old station wagon any day." 

When I asked Stephanie if living in the South affects her aesthetic, she replied, "We love the beach and are drawn to anything coastal." Adding,"Something else that inspires our work is Southern folk art. My grandfather started painting in his mid 70's and has churned out some beautiful folk are pieces. We love folk art for its humor, colors and simplicity." 

For Evan and Stephanie, it's a team effort. As Steph said, "I gather designs and sketches and my husband cuts, sands and painstakingly finishes them." Above is a picture of their charming workshop and Evan sanding a newly cut piece. 

All of their pieces are made from American hardwood plywood and made to order in the finish and color of your choice. Just send them a message via their Etsy site. They'll be more than happy that you stopped on by...


Photos: Mrytle Brown    Content: Sweet Peach