Valentina Design

Valentina Ramos of Miami, Florida creates feel good designs that are as charming as they are affordable. Her prints, just $15, remind us to love, be grateful and live in the present moment.  

She has a bevy of designs to choose from...some affirmative, others just artistic, like this vintage camera grouping and Susie the Bird print. She loves to work with different materials but black ink is a constant. As she explains, "Black ink is one of the mediums you will always find in my original prints, paintings and drawings." 

I own one Valentina piece and it's the Something Good print to the left. I've placed it in a frame by my front door to remind me to relax my worried mind, if only for a minute or two... I love it. 

Valentina also offers prints from her original drawings that can be personalized with a name and color scheme. These would be so sweet in a kid's room...

 The Sweet Love print is just as its name suggests. 

Valentina also has a few black and white prints which can work really well in an all white room. Home Sweet Home would be perfect on a front porch. See all of Valentina's lovely, uplifting work here. And have a good weekend. As Valentina would say, remember to smile and be thankful for all that you do have...