Leaves and Trees: Redbud

One of the prettiest trees to bloom in the spring is the Redbud. This small tree is prevalent in the South, particularly in Arkansas, Oklahoma and eastern Texas. This beautiful photograph was taken by the fabulously talented Kathryn Kolb.

In the spring, the leaves are red but quickly turn green for the summer, then a bright yellow for autumn. The Redbud can be fairly easy to identify in a forest by just looking at the leaves, as they're shaped like a heart. 

The bark is gray and smooth in young trees, reddish brown in the older ones. The Redbud is often seen as an ornamental tree along streets or inside gardens but is a common and important understory tree in the forest. 

I love how the flowers cling close to the bark. The buds will last just a few weeks unfortunately so we have to admire them while we can. The vibrant flowers are actually edible, with a slightly nutty flavor... great to add to pancakes, oatmeal, muffins, ice cubes or spring salads. 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach