When I shot Melody's house in Cabbagetown a little while back, she told me about a new shop in Atlanta that I need to visit. A shop that caters to artists and cares about handcrafted, quality products. It's called Indie-pendent and they're having a Grand Opening all weekend long. 

The first thing you notice when you walk inside Indie-pendent is what an incredible space it is. There are two floors with a total of 2500 square feet. The downstairs is for retail, the upstairs is reserved for workshops- from canning, knitting and painting tutorials to tips and strategies for small business owners. It's an incredible way to involve local artisans and create a sense of community, every time someone walks through the front door. 

When I asked the owner Beth Lord why she started her business she replied, "I wanted a nice, fun and creative place to be." She describes Indie-pendent as a "handcrafted lifestyle boutique offering home decor, accessories and gifts."  Indie-pendent stands for many things- Beth's freedom from corporate life, living and creating independently as well as supporting and celebrating artists. 

When deciding which lines to carry in her shop, Beth explains, "I like to find unique items that aren't flooding the market." Beth apparently has a knack for this as Indie-pendent is full of wonderful surprises and items that make me say, "oh, i want this..."  

Although the retail floor is one large space, Beth has created mini rooms with their own feel and personality. Beth's friend and colleague, Jordan Sandlin has lent a helping hand with the gorgeous, creative displays that pop up everywhere you look . I love the chestful of adorable stuffed animals and pillows that any kid would love to snuggle with or talk to... 

When I asked Beth what inspired her, she replied, "Pretty things...fabric, food and beautiful landscapes." You get a sense of her incredible aesthetic and point of view when you walk inside Indie-pendent - but I believe you also get a sense of calm and warmth too. She's found her passion and it shows...

Beth likes originality and seeks it out in her selected artisans. Leah Duncan from Austin, Texas is one of my favorite Southern artists. Beth carries a variety of her lovely tea towels, all thoughtfully displayed. 

In Beth's store of pretty things, you'll find lots of inspiration through her selection of goods, artistic displays and love of color. As she explains, "I like to surround myself with colors that make me feel good." 

Beth exudes Southern hospitality. She loves nothing more then helping her customers find the perfect gift. Originally from LaGrange, Georgia, she knows no other policy than an open door, friendly one. A Southern girl through and through, she just shrugs and says, "Its just what we do."


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach