Whipping Post

Ryan Barr likes his guitar. So much so, he created a couple products to accent his passion. The first are these really wonderfully made, handstitched leather wallets. 


He offers two choices, the Mojave Picker's wallet and the Georgia Brown Picker's wallet. They each have compartments for cards and cash and a place to hold your pick. Genius, eh? 

Ryan has also handcrafted some really amazing guitar cases. His own guitar is a bit beat up from tons of travel and use. As he says on his site, "Despite being banged up, scratched and abused, it looks and plays great." He wanted a case that matched the character and soul of his guitar... "Something that could age with time and maintain its classic appeal like any well made instrument. The more it got used and abused, the better it became." 

Ryan took his time learning about the best leather and crafting techniques from some of the world's best. As he shared, "I used the toughest, most expensive full grain leather you can find. I hand cut and stitched them with marine grade threading, put in an inch of high density foam to protect and insulate and finished it off with stainless steel hardware." I can't think of a musical artist that can't appreciate that. Find his cases, which he offers in three different colors, here. And happy strumming...


Photos: Whipping Post   Content: Sweet Peach