Industrial Chic

On my last few visits to the fabulous Kudzu Antiques in Decatur, Georgia, I've found a new booth to admire. When you walk inside, turn right and it's the booth in the far left corner. You can spot it easily- big, oversize pieces made of wood, steel and reclaimed items. The colors are dark and rich and there is all sorts of masculine energy running amok here. 

The artist is Christopher Bailey from Panama City Beach, Florida. His wares, which he calls Industrial Chic, are solid and durable, made from steel, cast iron, reclaimed aged wood, rivets and mechanical elements.

This steel riveted console has man cave written all over it. It's a great piece to add to almost any manly abode... You can work on your laptop with a cup of joe or kick back with a bourbon and some friends after work. Just need to balance this piece out with some lighter, softer elements in the room. 


Chris began repurposing industrial elements into furniture back in 1997. I like the fact that he's attracted to large pieces with big wheels, pulleys, rivets and weighty materials. It makes his work easily identifiable and really fun to incorporate into a room or office. 

This kitchen island is a stunning piece, made from reclaimed bowling alley floors. If you have the space, and the extra $685, this would make quite the visual impact. I'm also really admiring this New Orleans pendant, priced well at $139. 

Perhaps his most eye catching works are the array of large storage cabinets he has designed and built. These would work so well in a large office space, eliminating ugly file cabinets with banal, corporate personalities. Featured here is the industrial French tailor's bin and a rustic galvanized steel finished bin cabinet with a steel frame.

Learn more about Industrial Chic and where you can find Chris at his next antique or design show, here. And happy Manly Monday...


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach    Photo 5, 8, 15 & 17: Industrial Chic