I love a good shop. Which is the best way to describe Amelia in Oxford, Mississippi. This lovely, charming and beautifully designed home goods and gift store is what's needed in every town in America. It's one of those places that just make you happy to be there, surrounded by pretty, thoughtful things. 

My favorite shops are always the ones that surprise me with products I've never seen before. Owner, Erin Austen Abbott shares her winning philosophy, "As a child it bothered me when someone else had the same shoes or shirt as myself. I didn't feel as special. I try to get items in smaller quantities so that you too can stand out from the rest and have that unique style all your own." 

I love this tote bag that is a map of Oxford with an arrow pointing towards Amelia. Great design and what a smart and creative way to promote the shop.

I tend to love any design items that cater to mother nature so I was happy to see that Erin stocks an array of prints, cards, books and art that celebrate the natural world. 

I've been seeing these fabulous Forage bowties in the press lately. All are handmade using vintage fabrics and offer a unique look for the modern man. I mean, at the end of the day, who can resist a nice guy in a stylish tie?  

Erin also carries a variety of colorful, charming stamps. I'm particularly fond of the rainy day stamp set...

This may be my favorite offering at the Amelia shop- these beautifully designed floral coasters by Rifle Paper Co. I just love the color combinations and want to design a whole room around them. Too pretty...


Photos: Amelia    Content: Sweet Peach