The Christmas Table

As the annual Christmas dinner is a celebratory occasion shared with our immediate and extended families, Beth from the indie-pendent wanted to share some of her ideas for a festive table that's nostalgic, playful and kid friendly. 

Christmas is an excellent time to decorate with your favorite hand-me-downs. Beth added these wonderful animal ornaments handmade by her great aunt. As she shared, "I think it's important to bring back ornaments and have the memories from childhood." (I smile at this thought, as my mom recently informed me and my siblings that she gave all of her vintage ornaments to the cleaning lady. Sigh...)

The napkins were cut from a piece of vintage fabric Beth had in her workshop and the tablecloth is a painter's drop cloth you can buy for cheap at Home Depot. The white plates and mugs are handmade by Tourne and the gorgeously textured plates are handcrafted by Brigitte Bouquet. Play with the different colored dishware you have as noncomfority makes things interesting...

The centerpiece is made of her grandmother's vintage ornaments, using just a dinner plate and glass dome. The bottlebrush trees work great here too, adding color, height and that feeling of Christmas.

Beth decided to decorate the ends of the table with a garland of cranberries. This is quick and easy to do and is a great way to include the kids in the decorating process. 

Now this is a dinner table that starts with a big smile. I hope this offers a little inspiration for your holiday get togethers...thank you Beth! 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach