The Winter Solstice Table

Tomorrow, on December 21, the sun shines directly over the tropic of Capricorn, making it the shortest and the longest night of the year. Winter solstice is an opportunity to honor this time of rest before the rebirth of spring and the return of light. It's the perfect time to reflect and set intentions for the New Year. If you're in the mood to celebrate new beginnings and to be a bit creative, I'd love to inspire you to set your own winter solstice table tomorrow...

My friend, Beth Lord of the indie-pendent came up with this idea and shared her own version which included a mix of what she had on hand and outside the front door. This is a fun table to put together and one that kids can play an active role in. Everyone go outside- find pretty pods, stems, pine cones, pieces of wood for the centerpiece. Let your imagination run wild. 

Beth used glass globes she had for the centerpieces, which she then filled with raw cotton, dried eucalyptus, bottlebrush trees, fake snow and pine cones. I love the added touch and texture of the Spanish moss along the center of the table. She used a simple painter's dropcloth for the tablecloth and burlap runners to add texture. A grapevine wreath hangs from the ceiling. Beth and I secured little mason jars atop the wreath, filled with white beans and tea lights. 

I love how Beth used raw cotton stalks as decorative pieces next to the silverware. You could also use acorns from your backyard, pieces of driftwood or shells from a nearby beach...whatever is in your outdoor world can be brought in to celebrate this unique day of the year. 

Candles make a nighttime dinner table cozy and warm, and on this night, they also remind us of the return of light in the coming spring. It's a nice idea to set intentions or goals for the New Year here, which could become a fun, yearly ritual. Be creative and let the lights shine on...


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach