Cline's Antiques

I traveled to Charlotte, NC last weekend to meet up with Bryce and his new bf, Andrew, whom I adore. Bryce was adamant we check out Cline's Antiques in the small town of Mt. Pleasant, so in the car we went...

Bryce was in heaven as he wanted to buy truckloads of goods here (which he may be doing shortly). If you're the least bit handy, there are hundreds of treasures here... you just need a little time and patience to sift through it all. 

There's no real structure to this place, you just wander around the land and find dilapidated barns and tractor trailers loaded with stuff in varying degrees of disrepair. 

You'll also just find loads of items strewn along the grass and dirt. In this pile, I found a pink flat bowl that'll be perfect for a pretty succulent in the springtime. 

If I had a way to bring it home, I would have bought the antique white headboard to the left. It just needed Byrce's touch to sand it a bit and it would've been good to go. Sigh...

Two of my favorite finds at Cline's was this massive table, which would make a great desk in a big loft...then this green cabinet, which after a little tlc, would look amazing mixed with black and white decor. 

I really liked the celery colored tv dinner trays too, which owner, Donald Cline was selling for just 50 cents each. 

Bryce's favorite find were these incredible wooden factory carts from Nashville, which as you may know, have become trendy and popular as coffee tables- selling for anywhere from $400-$2,000 in hip design stores. Don was selling these for just $40 each- such a steal. 

There aren't any prices on things so you have to walk to the little makeshift office in the front of the lot and ask Don how much this or that is. 

Don't believe its first impression, Cline's Antiques is a goldmine. Since 1977, Don has continuously sold truckloads of goods to regular folks and wholesalers as well as to various national film and tv productions. But you don't need me to tell you that, ask Don yourself. A true southerner, he sure knows how to tell a good story...

This land has been in Don's family since 1840- steeped in history and memories, no matter where you look. It's open Thursday-Saturday from 8am-6pm. Next time you're near Charlotte, check it out... it's a gem.       


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach