White + Beige = Cozy

Every room in my house has a predominant color, but what I really want is a soothing, calm room, like the ones you see in fine hotels or those seaside cabins. Those rooms are always kept simple and sophisticated with the color palette of white and beige. 

The idea is to have a blank slate that feels fresh and clean, without distractions so you can relax...which is why I think this look is so popular in the bedroom.  

As I have two dogs, it's hard to imagine a white room staying white for long. The tip is to use fabrics and materials that are easy to clean. And try to avoid stark overhead lighting. Side light or chandeliers on a dimmer will keep the room soft and inviting. 

How great are these old distressed doors as a headboard? This is a wonderful way to add texture and warmth to a white room.

I love the idea of a natural wood wall...it's on my to-do list of life. 

I think with a little layering of white and beige and the right accessories -like this lovely chandelier, it's fairly simple to create a pretty space to daydream...

My sentiments exactly...


Photos: Apartment Therapy, My Paradissi, Decor8, Decorology   Content: Sweet Peach