In 2004, a movement began down under in Melbourne, Australia. In 2012, it has spread to over 13 countries with millions of men participating...

The idea; On November 1, men give themselves a close shave, then for the rest of the month grow a moustache. By sporting their 'mo' in 'movember,' it helps to raise awareness and funds for male ailments such as prostate and testicular cancer. In 2011, the manly men of the US helped raise 126.3 million dollars. 

There are dozens of moustaches a manly man can grow- the horseshoe, the chevron, the pencil, cowboy or straggler. Which is what makes the month of Movember so fun- facial hair and grooming products. 

Interested Mo Bros register here, and can participate as an individual, team member or team captain. Mo Bros then receive a Mo Space page where friends and family can register and donate- plus watch their transformation in becoming an even manlier manly man over 30 days time. 

Check out the Movember site to learn all about this important month of the year. Plus, they have tshirts, socks, caps, prints... even a Movember mobile app. And if you missed the call this year, you can still support the cause and ready yourself for next Movember. What type of manly moustachery will you conjure up? 

For those who need to groom their growing staches, may I suggest the Moustache Pomade by Herban Lifestyle in Falls Church, Virginia. It's made with all organic ingredients- even organic essential oils for a fresh and manly scent. 

And some grooming tips...invest in mustache scissors and a grooming kit, shower before shaving, shampoo and condition your stache, use a wax to better condition the hair and give it shape. Also, moisturize your face daily and comb your stache with a stache comb. And pick the stache that best complements your face...experiment until the women in your life say a Mo Bro's favorite words, "Nice stache..." 


Photos:; movember;  Content: Sweet Peach