Poteet Architects: The Container Guest House

This fabulous example of modern ingenuity comes via Poteet Architects of San Antonio, Texas. They created this guest house, just 320sf in all, for a client who wanted to create a living space inside a shipping container. It's a good fit as the owner lives in a warehouse on a former industrial site south of downtown San Antonio. 

The guest house is just 8' by 40' total. The same bamboo plywood was used for the flooring and the walls. Floor to ceiling windows open the space up and brings in the natural world. 

The container guest house project was built upon sustainable strategies such as the recycling of a shipping container, a foundation built with recycled telephone poles and a deck comprised of recycled air conditioner equipment pads. It's a cool vinyl, perfect for the Texan summers.

I particularly love their garden rooftop, which uses sink and shower water capture for irrigation. This, along with the insulation that was installed, helps cool the house. The garden plants are set in a steel frame that was designed by the architects, which allows the air to flow as needed and the weight to be kept off the non structural roof. 

A small bathroom, but made a bit more fun and intriguing with the all red paint job. The electric composting toilet is another energy efficient item in the home. The shower curtain above runs on a hospital track, which offers privacy if so desired. 

These pretty exterior lights are suspended from the same framework that supports the roof garden. A well thought out, sustainable home, inside a shipping container...I wish I could be so clever. Thanks for the inspiration Poteet. See all of their amazing creations here. 


Photos: Chris Cooper    Content: Sweet Peach