Pumpkin Patch

This is Gorilla. He's my one eyed pug and he's approximately 11 years old (a rescue). I've always wanted to get him an eye patch over the years but could never find him a good option. Until now...

When I rescued Gorilla nine years ago he had just received eye surgery and luckily enough, they replaced the eye that died (from a dog bite) with a silicone one so it retains its shape. You wouldn't know it's a fake eye, until you walk him and he doesn't like to turn left or you mistakingly hit him on the left side of his head with the refrigerator door. Poor baby...

Gorilla found his long overdue swagger in Sandy M. Tyler, of Atlanta's The Knitterati. She's a good friend of mine and crochets like a mad woman. One day I realized she may be able to whip something up that could work for a pug sized eye patch. She loved the challenge and she quickly created Gorilla a bunch of stylish options. 

Sandy, "If someone wants to make an eye patch for their pup, they should look for applique patterns online if they aren't patterning their own. Appliques are flat and can be made quickly, often with scraps of yarn, so it's a great way to use odds and ends." 

For this Jack-o'-lantern, Sandy made a small ring by joining three chain stitches. She made sure that she left the tail end of her yarn extra long. She then worked double-crochet stitches around the chain until there was a nice, full circle. Next, she joined the double-crochet stitches to make a round and slip-stitched around the outside to make a nice, finished edge. (she left a big tail of the yarn at the opposite end too) 

Lastly, Sandy sewed the eyes, nose and mouth with black yarn and attached the green leaf to the edge by chaining three and then making two single-crochet stitches back down the chain. Sandy, "Then I carefully worked the two ends of my orange yarn through the back of the eye patch, sewing them into place to make the ties that go around Gorilla's head." 

For the heart, Sandy found an applique pattern she liked as Gorilla may just have the biggest heart of all. 

Cute thang! Thanks so much to Sandy of the fabulous Knitterati for giving Gorilla his first set of eye patches, and so stylish. Happy Halloween everyone...


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach