Small Vintage Affair

Stacy Elkhudary of Lexington, Kentucky has a fondness for simple elegance. After seeing her lovely mirrors on her Etsy shop, Small Vintage Affair, I realize I do too...

Stacy, "A beautiful mirror should not only reveal your image when you gaze into it, it should work double duty and display your sense of style as well and complement your home's decor in ways that other furnishings can't do, transforming light and color within a beautifully designed theme." 

Stacy offers dozens of mirrors on her site, ranging in size from big to small and plain to ornate. All have a little farmhouse chic with an antique or distressed appeal. 

I particularly like how Stacy, through her photography, offers inspiring home decor ideas to complement each of her mirrors. There's a graceful beauty to all her rooms, which makes me want to redecorate my whole house. 

Stacy admits an obsession with chalkboards, which she has many of in her own home. She offers dozens of glamorous to classicly framed boards that would make any event a little more stylish and fun. Click here to see all of Stacy's wares and here's hoping her simple elegance catches on...


Photos: Small Vintage Affair      Content: Sweet Peach