Moran Woodworked Furniture

A story teller at heart, I love any handmade piece with a tale to tell. Which is why I'd have a lot of fun hanging out at the workshop of born and bred southerners, Michael Moran and Celia Gibson. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Michael and Celia use great care, patience and skill to craft stunning pieces of furniture. 

They both care deeply about the natural world and work with a sustainable mindset. As stated on their site, "We are interested in the interaction of the natural and handmade worlds. We work to discover where these worlds intersect and how they can complement and balance each other." 

Michael is the accomplished craftsman of the pair while Celia handles much of the business side of things, yet together they design each piece. Looking through their gallery, they can create just about anything, but specialize in cabinetry, tables, benches and chairs. 

Every tree, has a story to tell as evidenced in the two pieces above that vary greatly in look and feel. Working in an organic way, Michael and Celia allow the natural characteristics of each tree to dictate the direction of the design. As Celia shared with me, "We hope these objects offer a sense of the origin of things, of the calm, quiet physicality of the world of a tree." 

Michael and Celia believe in what they refer to as Good Wood- or wood that "comes from family run mills where sustainability and ecological soundess are essential values." They salvage recycled wood as well as take advantage of downed trees. 

It's a rumor that Michael Moran hugs trees whenever he gets the chance. He and Celia's love for their craft need not be spoken, it's understood. Their thoughtfully, beautifully constructed pieces are a testament to their care for our trees, their care for their craft. Simply put, they've found their passion and it shows. I like a story with a happy ending...

See their salvaged cherry candlesticks, made exclusively for Garden & Gun, here.


Photos: Moran Woodworked Furniture   Content: Sweet Peach