Apropos Roasters

If a man in your life loves coffee, Apropos Roasters of Richmond, Virginia offers a variety of the best flavors throughout the world- From Costa Rica, Columbia, Guatemala to Brazil. Each carefully selected batch of coffee beans is roasted to order, then simply packaged with recycable brown paper, hand stamped and tied with a piece of twine. 

Jennie-Mae Skinnger has been roasting coffee for over ten years and admits she has "a shameless obsession with packaging and a deep concern with sustainability." She works hard to avoid plastics and instead favors environmentally friendly packaging that has a simple, stylish appeal. A girl after my own heart...

Jennie-Mae offers a coffee of the month club. Each month, the recipient would receive a freshly roasted bag of beans mailed out the same day it was packaged. Each single origin bean (no blends) has been hand selected by Jennie-Mae for its unique flavor profile. She currently loves the Colombia Magdelena. As she shared with me, "It's farmed by the Kogis, who have been growing coffee in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria area since the 70's. It's bright and citric with a full caramely body." 

When I asked Jennie-Mae about the variety of flavors from each coffee, she explained, "Coffee is similar to wine in that each farm is different and each year the crop itself, off of that farm, is different. Like a bottle of '07 vs. a bottle of '09 from the same wine maker." Each crop, no matter the year, will yield its own individual flavor profile. 

If you have specific questions about the coffee, you can just email Jennie-Mae on her Etsy site. In the meantime, start thinking about sending some coffee to a manly friend or loved one. It's such a great gift that I believe would be most appreciated, and savored...


Photos: Apropos Roasters   Content: Sweet Peach