Black & White

I love to play with color yet there's something so classic and fun with just plain old black and white. I recently created a black and white sleeping porch and loved the end result- so I wanted to share a few photos I've bookmarked recently that pull off the color combination in style...and for completely different reasons. 

Timeless and classic define a black and white space but it ultimately is the most flexible color palette you'll find. Depending on your own personal style, the room can range from dramatic and bold to cheery and playful. 

One of the simplest ways to incorporate this color scheme into your home is to dedicate a whole wall to black framed prints and to use photographs or illustrations that are black and white or muted in color. Add some character by interspersing mirrors or artwork that are also black or white. These are easy to find at yard sales and thrift shops and will ultimately add more charm than something new.  

The best part of black and white rooms is adding that pop of color, whether a painted wall, piece of furniture or accessory. Almost any bright color works but red or turquoise are especially scrumptious...

I love the idea of covering an entire wall in newspaper, then complementing the decor with more things black and white. Personally I want to exchange the white flowers in that vase with some red or yellow flowers, don't you? 

Perhaps the most popular black and white room is the bathroom. I love the bold look of black walls. Having lots of natural light and pretty green plants helps you balance this look without making it too heavy. 

This room seems to balance the masculine with the feminine quite nicely....makes for a great guest room. 

Some of my favorite black and white items from Southern artists and shop owners are, from top left: A gorgeous pitcher from Tom Laurus, knives from Switch Modern, a greenwood rocking chair from Boggs Collective, vintage scale from Free Range Goat, piggy bank from Switch Modern and a classic black and white tie via Otis James. 


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