Charleston Charm

I love a clean and pretty aesthetic. Perhaps that's why the shop Old Road Mercantile in Charleston, South Carolina caught my eye during a late night stroll last weekend. ORM is actually one of two shops, (Lily being the other) owned by husband and wife team, Lin and Kevin Isler. Together these stores, located next to each other on historic King Street, exude Southern charm and offer a plethora of great gift ideas. 

Color and order rules the space at Old Road Mercantile. As Lin explains, "We were inspired by the old photos of King Street when we created ORM, but we wanted to be able to incorporate modern design and color. We like the juxtaposition of contemporary objects in old spaces."

I personally loved all their glasses...both of the optical and drinking variety. The reading glasses are from Eyebobs. Lin shares, "They're a quality product with a lot of style." These small drinking glasses would make a great addition to my already too full kitchen cabinet of vintage and modern glassware. I personally love to use these types of glasses for serving white wine. 

Lin and Kevin have a knack for great design- both in selecting it and creating these wonderful displays. Each item sits pretty and prominent in its own space, ensuring you won't miss their visual and functional appeal. I just want one of everything...

You'll notice a bevy of pretty, colorful vases at Old Road Mercantile. In fact, it's what enticed me into their shop in the first place. These beauties come via Middle Kingdom in Washington DC and are in the permanent collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. As Lin shares, "They are one of the first products we chose for the shop. They are both traditional and modern. Elegant and functional." 

Just adjacent to Old Road Mercantile is Lily. Lin describes this shop as "romantic and vintage inspired." She offers insight into her and Kevin's process, "We choose products that add a bit of luxury to everyday. It's the difference between plain toast and toast with a small batch of Blueberry Lavender Jam." 

Lin wants the products in Lily to tell a story and, as she says, "have a romantic history." She paints a pretty picture to encapsulate the look and feel of this Southern shop; "Hankies, parasols, vintage tea sets and sundress worthy accessories." 

To the left is my favorite display at Old Road Mercantile. To the right is Lin behind the counter at Lily. Two shops side by side, different intentions but same result- a most enjoyable shopping experience. Thanks Lin and Kevin for showing me around and allowing me to share a little of Charleston's varied charms. Lin ended our conversation with this thought, "Kevin and I have lived in Charleston for 20 years. The city continues to enchant us every day with its beautiful architecture and gardens. We are often told by our customers that we are living their dream. It is, in fact, ours too."  

 *Click here to find Lily's online shop

Photos and Content: Sweet Peach