April's Flourish Cafe

April Starr of London, Kentucky has a cafe. It has lots of old books, vintage items and pretty art on the wall. It's colorful, inviting and makes you feel good. And it's all online. Her Etsy shop, Flourish Cafe combines April's love for food, art, books and vintage in a way that makes you feel you're actually inside her cozy cafe. You can almost hear the bell ring sweetly as you step inside from the cold...

April loves food. It's obvious from the bevy of prints she's created based on what you'd find on the kitchen counter or in the fridge. I like her pen and ink Garlic illustration-  and as long as I'm not in a tent I think I'd be a happy camper too...Find her ode to an old school camper here. 

April savors that feeling of getting lost in a good book and in response, made these mini prints or bookmarks that showcase her passions. As she shared with me, "I have shelves and shelves of books...vintage books, cookbooks, fiction books, reference books. I love them. So if the saying is true that a 'room without books is like a body without a soul,' then I have very soulful rooms." 

April is always inspired to draw on a rainy day and her four year old daughter often joins her with her own paper and crayons. It's the perfect combination for inspiration. I wonder if it was raining the day she made her adorable I Love You print? April's favorite item in her shop is the Oh for a Book print. She shared, "It is a poem that has a special place in my heart ever since I was a kid." 

These sweetly colored vintage cups are what drew me to April's site. She has a small collection of well curated vintage items for sale in her cafe, which include kitchenware, clothing, accessories and items for the home office. I hope you enjoyed your visit to April's Flourish Cafe...have a good day! 


Photos: Flourish Cafe   Content: Sweet Peach