Shiner International

Joe Manus knows no bounds to his creativity. Ever since I saw his eco friendly furnishings popping up in restaurants and lounges around Atlanta, I knew I needed to know more about this guy. It turns out that Joe, along with his team of artists and craftsmen that make up his company Shiner International, have set out "to transform tons of landfill destined materials into killer design." I became a fan for life at first glance of this amazing bed...that rocks. How can you not be left with your mouth agape after seeing this for the first time? 

As stated on his site, Joe and his team's home furnishings are "dirty, sexy, clever and dark." They are especially known for their chairs, which you can spot as Shiner International creations a mile away. The Prairie Chair and Rib Chair are especailly eye catching. The Pant Rocker is perhaps my favorite, made from carbon steel and blackened or brushed wood. 

The offerings from Joe and his team range from desks, tables, lights, beds and a myriad of cool places to sit. 

The Friend Chair and Ottoman is masculine, inviting and sleek. It's just another one of Joe's pieces that make a statement, both visually and environmentally. I deeply admire that every part of the process is thought out with the planet in mind, whether it's the recycled materials used, the design, manufacturing or final packaging. 

The very first piece I saw of Joe's was this top pendant light made of cardboard. As shared on their site, "Take uncommon materials- corrugated cardboard, styrofoam- cut into dramatic shapes, multiply and illuminate from within. The result is modern lighting that starts a conversation in its warm glow." Joe's pieces are meant to be seen and heard...

So getting back to the rocker bed, this can work indoors or out and can be left to rock or frozen into postiion using rubber stops. And it's available in all sizes. All I can say is 'yes please.' 


Photos: Shiner International   Content: Sweet Peach