Leah Duncan

Leah Duncan's work is easy to spot. Her aesthetic is modern, gentle and full of personality, often with a nod to nature. She explains, "I'm very influenced by the natural world. I'm not entirely sure why. I think it's because it's the place I like to go to for my peace and calm." 

Leah began her artistic career as a graphic designer for an advertising firm, then as a screenprinter assistant. Now, she works for herself, creating all manner of goods for the home, including these lovely prints. One of Leah's favorites is I'll Be Your Swan, (bottom right.) As she shares, "It came out organically and felt so natural to make." 

You may best know Leah for her tea towels which seem to keep popping up in the stores I visit. Her work reminds me a bit of Scandanavian design, pretty in its simplicity and color selection. 

See all of Leah's lovely tea towels, which can be functional or displayed as art, here.

I love that Leah also creates pillow covers. Made from linen and cotton, her pillows allow for a 16" x 16" insert which you can find at most fabric stores and I think I've seen some at Target as well. Find all her pretty pillow options here.

When I asked Leah what she hoped her work conveys she responded, "I hope I'm able to share a few viewpoints, some smiles, some quirkiness and a little bit of beauty." She resides in Austin, Texas with, as she states, "my husband, our two cats, our pit mix Oslo, some foster puppies, our vegetable garden and my favorite pajama pants." Sounds just lovely...


Photos: Leah Duncan   Content: Sweet Peach