Itty Bitty Cute

When I first saw these little felted creatures, I smiled, which is exactly the intention of their creator, Taylor Hall of Omaha, Texas. 

She calls them woolies and each one she needle felts from pure Merino wool. The tiny creatures are about 2" tall and make for perfect shelf decor or toys for the little ones. 

I like her little creatures in ceramic pots too. The red mushroom with spots is to the left, and a baby onion to the right. When I asked Taylar what inspires her, she responded, "I adore sweet things and anything that makes people smile. I'm often inspired by childlike drawings and the simple aspects of animals and objects."

As Taylar handcrafts all the woolies herself in her east Texas home, she'd be more than happy to custom make woolies to suit your itty bitty needs. Just send her an email through her Etsy site as she'd be so happy to hear from you. Thanks Taylar...we love what you do. 


Photos: Taylar Hall  Content: Sweet Peach