B. Inspired: Neighbor Escaper

While on a trip to Asheville in April, Bryce and I stayed with our good friends Tiffany and Jeff. They have a wonderful home and a large back deck, which they wish was more private. Over a couple of cocktails we decided to build the Neighbor Escaper the following day and add 4 feet of height. This new wall would allow privacy and with Bryce's savvy hand, add depth and a modern touch. 

Tools needed: Electer Miter saw (chop saw), drill, 1 5/8" and 3" galvanized wood screws (unless you want the rusted look) and a level. For Tiffany and Jeff's space of 15' x 4', we purchased twenty 1 x 4's and one 12 foot 4 x 4 which we cut into three pieces for the support posts. All the wood is treated lumber for optimal outdoor use. Total cost of lumber with tax: $140.

For this add on, Bryce used the bottom middle beam to act as a divider for our two sides. After adding the 4x4 support beams at the ends and middle, Bryce measured, leveled and then drilled three of the 1x4’s boards to the back of the support posts (using a scrap 1x4 in between to maintain the exact distance between boards) For depth and a nice aesthetic, Bryce then added the next three boards to the front of the post. (that way you can use the bottom ledge for your drink or plants, etc...) 

It's most important that the first board across is perfectly level. Then building atop of that is quite easy. Teamwork is important too as both Tiffany and I lent a helping hand to level the boards and hand over screws or equipment on Bryce's demand. As Bryce would attest, Tiffany was a much better assistant than I as all I really wanted to do was pet their dog Ralphie and take pictures. 

As you can see, the alternated positioning of the wood offers a stylish, modern touch. Bryce knows that function and design go hand in hand and there's never a reason to have one without the other. Love that...

It took just two hours to put up Tiff and Jeff's Neighbor Escaper and for just $140 bucks, it's a complete transformation. Tip: Go to your local post office and pick up a change of address packet where you'll find a 10% discount on Lowe's, which is also honored at Home Depot.

What a wonderful transformation in such a short amount of time! For questions on this deck addition or advice on how to create your own deck re-do, contact Bryce directly here. Thanks Tiff, Jeff, Bryce and Ralphie! 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach.  After photo: Tiffany Santiago