The Recycled Garden...

This is a fun idea some of us may have seen before but I think it deserves a little attention as it's an excellent DIY project for the fall. Garden Hood in Atlanta recently hosted a shoe planting party in support of Dance Truck's recent performance of Blake Bekham's PLOT, which used their planted shoes for part of the set decor. First, the folks at Garden Hood collected dozens of donated shoes, then added plants and rocks to create some happy inducing garden decor. 

I'm a lifelong fan of Converse shoes so it's fun to see them given new life in this reincarnation. Kacey Cloues of Garden Hood recommends you drill a few holes in the bottom of the shoes for drainage...then just add plants and water. It's that easy! 

Kacey found that a few plants that thrive in our shoes are succulents, herbs, coleus and portulacas. This green high heel is such a great way to complement your decor, adding a spruce of color and charm. Thanks for the inspiration Garden Hood.  


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach