Element Clay Studio

Artist Heather Knight of Element Clay Studio has a lot of obsessions. Which makes two of us because I'm obsessed with her work. Inspired by plants, seeds and sea creatures, her porcelain wall tiles, which are her biggest seller, are smile inducing perfection. Each piece is a play of light, shape and texture that draws you in and reminds you of the beauty and perfection of mother nature. 

In early spring, I visited Heather at her studio in Asheville, North Carolina. The space is large and bright with great textural elements and hints of color. Her work includes wall tiles, bowls and gorgeous vases which are displayed on large shelves or amongst mid century pieces. 

Heather works independently and tirelessly every day. Her one employee, Alison Hirt, is also her best friend, who as Studio Manager helps to oversee the orders, shipping, press and the arrival of curious customers in and out the front door. All of Heather's work can be found at her Etsy shop. I love these sea urchin inspired votive holders (I bought one and use it to hold some spiky air plants) ...and how stunningly beautiful is this Amaryliis vase? 

Porcelain is notoriously hard to work with, yet Heather savors the challenge. "In fact," says Heather, "the moment I touched porcelain it changed my life and I knew it was the material I wanted to work with." She describes porcelain as sexy, soft, smooth and buttery. A love affair of such grand proportions can only yield grand results...

As I mentioned Heather's obsessions earlier, they include mid century chairs, magnolia trees and all things spiky. An avid lover of the outdoors, she finds all her inspiration from mother nature. The Carolina coast and Gulf coast are some of her preferred haunts, with Apalochicola, Florida taking the prize as her "favorite place on the planet." Two big bowls of hand collected pods, shells, cones and seeds sit in her work space and as she says, "permeate into my brain" until a new idea is born. I love how animated she got when she started to talk about her bowl of goods. It makes me that much more anxious for her next creation...

Find all of Heather's incredible nature inspired creations here. 

Photos: Heather Knight and Sweet Peach    Content: Sweet Peach