Yoswadi Krutklom

A couple weeks back I did a post on my friend Sandy's home. When I inquired about the art she loves, she mentioned Yoswadi Krutklom, a SCAD student. I had no idea who Yoswadi was so I decided to look her up online and was glad I did. Her work exudes personality and charm. I feel like I know her subjects...their quirks and habits, likes and dislikes. 

Born in Thailand, Yoswadi arrived in Savannah to attend SCAD. She is inspired by movies and everyday people. She loves New York City and the variety of races found in America as opposed to her homeland. As she explains, "I like to observe people. I like to see their dresses, their jewelry and their hairstyles." 

This is Yoswadi's favorite piece. Entitled, "The Mother" it is inspired by her own mother and the outfits she wore in the 80's. 

Sandy is saving up to buy 4 Swimmers, a really wonderful work. Yoswadi explained her inspiration behind the painting, "I thought about composition first. I thought it would be funny if people are looking in the same direction and wearing swimsuits but you can't actually see the water." This is certainly a conversation piece as I can see Sandy and I now in her living room, creating personalities for each of these lovely, offbeat characters. And who doesn't know two gay guys with small dogs who love wine? I love the tiny hands...

Color is an important element in Yoswadi's paintings. She paints directly on to a canvas and keeps adjusting until the right color combination is found. As she adds, "I just choose colors that look good together and light brown goes with any colors."  

"I hope my work will make people happy," says Yoswadi. I don't think she needs to worry about that. Thanks for sharing your work with us Yoswadi. Starting the week with a smile is always a good thing. 


Images: Yoswadi Krutklom    Content: Sweet Peach