Artist in Residence

I love when you can look at a house and know an artist must be living inside. Such was the case when I happened upon Camille Cumming's lovely 2BR, 2BA abode in Asheville, North Carolina. It is here that Camille lives with her 7 year old daughter, Olive as well as her dog, cat and bunny rabbit. The 1050 square foot home is oozing with vibrancy and creativity. The outdoor blue stucco was inspired by Frida Kahlo's home. Wherever you look, you feel the artistry and musings of Camille. 

Color is important to Camille and each room's palette was given careful consideration. The green in the kitchen makes her feel happy and content, whereas the earthy color in her downstairs den makes it feel cozy and cave like. I love the surprise elements that you'll notice throughout the home, including the swing in the kitchen and the niche for books near the ceiling. Colorful art is everywhere and serves as daily inspiration.  

One of Camille's favorite features in the house is the rough sawn wood, which is used as edging and moulding throughout the home. It has a wonderful texture that adds a homespun, thoughtful touch.

Camille designed the bathrooms which I love. Her mix of items derive from a bevy of influences. Destinations such as Austin, Mexico and Costa Rica have had a profound impact on her design aesthetic and she is continually drawn to new found art and the stories they hold.  

When I asked Camille what she hoped her home felt like, her first response was 'relaxed, colorful and alive.' I love the idea of feeling all three things at once and realized that her home nurture's an artist's need to be continually inspired, safe and comforted. Camille is a hair stylist and art teacher. She paints in her spare time characters that are 'childlike and celebrate nature and life,' which can be found here. With a home this vibrant, I can't wait to see what she whirls up into existence next...


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach