Geometric Goodness

These delightfully pleasing and one of a kind works of art come from husband and wife team, John and Janet LeGrand of Peckerwood, Alabama. After deciding they wanted to create a cost effective handmade product to sell on line, Janet was inspired to create something with stripes that also had a clean, modern look. John suggested accomplishing this with wood, to which Janet replied, "that's awesome." I'd have to say their final result is exactly that. This Complementary Set of Three would look lovely in my someday office.

Their art best complements a design aesthetic that is minimal, modern or rustic. Much of their wood is found at the local sawmill, often in piles of 'waste wood' that are full of pine and white oak. They also utilize some heart pine timbers that John's dad acquired, a type of wood once commonly seen in the flooring of Southern homes. Peruse their shop to pick your favorite and learn more about their process here.

To diversify their look, John and Janet created these very cool giclee prints accented with clip art. Click for the Cow or Seven. So uniquely, perfectly lovely. I want one of everything... 


Photos: Paint Square   Content: Sweet Peach