Antiques on Augusta

My parents recently moved just north of Greenville, South Carolina. It's a part of the South I had yet to visit so as is customary, I spent some time on line trying to find fun shops to peruse during my weekend trips. Antiques on Augusta seemed like a good fit as it promised vintage finds with a large variety. With 45 vendors in 9000 square feet of space, there is a bevy of wonderful, well priced items to be found here. Owners Sam and John Harrison, Barry McElreath and Bill Bates consider their goods upscale but as John adds, "not scary upscale." With most vendors being local to South Carolina, there is certainly quite a bit of southern primitive furniture here, as well as mid century, modern and traditional.  

One of the first vendors to catch my eye was Teresa Roche, who also has an interior design business and Gallery called Art & Light that I must visit soon. All the items above are hers, excluding the green rustic chair. As soon as I entered her booth, I smiled wide and knew that I'd stay a while. It's her passion that drives her craft. As Teresa explains, "I get so excited about curating my little booth. I hand pick every single item and never buy anything that I don't love." Oh I wish I had a desk like this...

Teresa describes her style as "eclectic but always simple, with clean lines." She admits a love for mid century items and tries to incorporate them whenever she can. 

If you like design blogs, you may have already heard of Barb Blair of Knack. Her booth is located to the right of the front desk and is a proven delight every time I visit. With her aptly named shop, Barb has a knack for repurposing old furniture, giving it a face lift with a pop of color and a touch of flair. 


Every dresser has well thought out hardware that updates the piece and gives it personality. She also sells wonderful accessories that lean towards a clean, modern vibe. New and old, old and new... it's a balance of items that Barb pulls off beautifully.

You'll find some great finds throughout Antiques on Augusta, so plan to spend some time here. I liked this set up above, particularly the fabric pieces on the walls and the checkered pieced mirror. Many of the booths offer inspiration on how to add color and texture to your own home which always makes for a fun trip. This shop reminds me of a smaller version of the oh so fabulous Screen Door in Asheville. 

I think the best deal I saw during my two hour visit was this huge 1930's army green quilt box on wheels. Just $195 and it's yours. It's just a wonderful piece if you're looking for something with a little heft and character. I look forward to my next visit as all the booths are constantly changing and evolving. Thanks Antiques on Augusta, Barb and Teresa, you've made visiting the parents that much more fun. I look forward to next time...


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach